What to invest in if you missed out on buying bitcoin.

These three are bet-able but your TA is crucial.

With bitcoin rising in a dramatic way through 2020, the incoming year could see an even more dramatic rise of projects that we less paid attention to.

Sceptics and speculators have been doing steady analysis on what could be the next big project to gain over 220% once the bitcoin winds have settled.

Here we list for you the projects to watch out for.

Bitcoin Cash:

A folk of the original bitcoin itself, the BCH coin has no correlation to bitcoin itself. The crypto is an offshoot of the original as a result of debates between members of the crypto community on how to resolve some of the more pressing issues in the bitcoin blockchain, namely intermittent transactions volumes and speed.

Remember that Bitcoin cash can’t be used for transactions on the original bitcoin blockchain and vice versa. Our hands are crossed on how the BCH crypto plays out comparing its ATH and current price. Could it rise to 220% too in the coming days? Only time will tell.


This XRP blockchain markets itself as a payments platform that allows faster decentralised current exchange and remittances compared to ordinary wire transfers.

XRP has maintained its lead as one of the top 5 coins on coinmarketcap and continued to gain massive trades per 24 hours.

Ripple has also seen a sharp increase in value over the last month rising around 107% since late October to 0.06$ each. Being that ripple is not mailable like bitcoin with tokens instead issued by human operators rather than computer algorithms makes it s a very good coin for our bet.

Will ripple rise again to its ever ATH(All time high)? Fingers crossed.


Who would not bet on this new giant in the room? Systematic leadership, a sound plan and huge community support, there is no doubt that anyone hodling ETH will surely live to see the fruits of their patience.

With hundreds of tokens developed on the ERC20 platform and an insane growth in community adoption, ETH is likely to exceed the 220% rise that bitcoin has so far gained. However, this may or may not happen soon, but it will surely happen.

One thing we have all learnt in crypto is patience. Patience like that of a monk. Patience like a hunter. Patience like an expecting mother. Sometimes the wait might be weeks, months or even years, but eventually it works.

Go HODL and remember, like CZ always says, make sure your funds are #SAFU .

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