Top 7 crypto tokens to watch in 2021 with over 50% ROI

The cryptocurrency bull market is here. A bull market usually comes with great returns not just for professional traders but also amateurs. It’s no wonder that so many cryptocurrency traders are all smiles. However, what if you want long term profit. Here are the top tokens I have chosen with potential for massive gains. I have combined the biggest fundamentals, most adoption, and therefore least risk involved.

  1. ENJ from $1.4B to $500B market cap = 350x
    ENJ has a massive gaming network and gaming has grown over the past few years. With little competition and its upcoming big Efinity launch, ENJ is poised to establish itself as a gaming juggernaut. With its 200% pump last week, its potential shrank from 1,000x to 350x.
  2. NEXO from $1.2B to $500B = 400x
    NEXO is the biggest CeFi platform with $4B AuM , which is at the level of UNI and makes a good and necessary complement to DeFi.
  3. SNX from $2.5B to $500B = 200x
    SNX is a very powerful DeFi platform that will give anyone access to trading stocks soon in a decentralized manner with no centralized entity that can block or control that access (GME) like Robinhood did it. This might make existing centralized stock trading platforms obsolete and completely take the power away from the hedge funds and back to the people.
  4. LTO from $111M to $10B market cap = 90x
    There are many blockchains with great tech and significant adoption now, but they are all at least at a $1B market cap already. At the same time, LTO, a blockchain with great tech, similar to EGLD, ZIL and 100,000 transactions per day is only at a ridiculous $83M market cap now. LTO could be at a $30B market cap right now and no one would think it is overvalued, especially since we already have several blockchains with less adoption already at a $40B market cap (ADA, DOT).
  5. THETA from $4.3B to $300B = 80x
    THETA is the decentralized youtube, has massive traction and no competition and has been constantly delivering on the tech, marketing and adoption front. That’s why we can most likely expect from THETA to increase its reach over the rest of the year
  6. AAVE from $5B to $400B = 80x
    AAVE is simply the best and most innovative DeFi platform. That is why a 80x from here is to be expected.
  7. UNI from $17B to $500B = 30x
    UNI could become the largest crypto exchange worldwide very soon and can possibly even overtake Binance. With the upcoming launch of optimistic rollups on March 15th that can be implemented very quickly and that UNI said they will implement, we could see UNI v3 very soon.

This is not financial advise. You definitely have to do your own research. That said, I must admit that this might be the break through you have been waiting for in the long run.

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