It is estimated that 95% of cryptocurrency traders lose money — This stat applies to all major trading instruments including forex. But why do 95% of people trading bitcoin lose money? Bitcoin is certainly not resistant to the same market forces and human emotion.

Almost all traders are conscious of the widely publicized statistic that “95% of traders lose money.” Once you drill deeper, research implies that this number is probably going higher. The profession chews up and spits out aspiring traders at an astounding rate.So …

Yes, definitely.

I already predicted this a week ago in my telegram channel and now, Vitalik just confirmed it.

With Optimism coming out on March 15th and UNI, LINK, COMP, RARI, SNX, Coinbase having already tested Optimism for months and are ready to deploy, Ethereum’s scalability could really go up from currently around 12 TPS to a theoretical 1,200 TPS within a couple of months.

This could throw Ethereum into a frenzy, with a lot more usage and a lot more interesting dApps launching on Ethereum.

This would also enable Ethereum to take a lot of load off the Bitcoin…

The cryptocurrency bull market is here. A bull market usually comes with great returns not just for professional traders but also amateurs. It’s no wonder that so many cryptocurrency traders are all smiles. However, what if you want long term profit. Here are the top tokens I have chosen with potential for massive gains. I have combined the biggest fundamentals, most adoption, and therefore least risk involved.

  1. ENJ from $1.4B to $500B market cap = 350x
    ENJ has a massive gaming network and gaming has grown over the past few years. With little competition and its upcoming big Efinity launch, ENJ…

There is a new king in the room. It’s permissionless, secure and truly decentralised. Its community is thriving. Welcome #UNISWAP

Most articles you will read about UNISWAP will be too mathematical and hard for a lay man to understand. So I will labour to make this simple to click.


Launched in September 2020, the UNISWAP coin was first never taken seriously by the cryptocurrency community. But what very few knew at the time was that the era of centralised exchangers was in its final days. …

These three are bet-able but your TA is crucial.

With bitcoin rising in a dramatic way through 2020, the incoming year could see an even more dramatic rise of projects that we less paid attention to.

Sceptics and speculators have been doing steady analysis on what could be the next big project to gain over 220% once the bitcoin winds have settled.

Here we list for you the projects to watch out for.

Bitcoin Cash:

A folk of the original bitcoin itself, the BCH coin has no correlation to bitcoin itself. The crypto is an offshoot of the original as a result…

A lay man’s explanation that is so simple and precise that even beginners would quickly understand.

Here is a little scenario. You buy into a token on one of those cryptocurrency exchangers with a hope of making a profit.

Les say you buy at $2 and hope that the price will rise to $3 such that you make a profit of $1. You follow the one rule of cryptocurrency trading which says, BUY low and SELL high.

Then immediately after ou have bought, you realise that the price might actually not go up as imagined. Instead of $2 price that you bought at, the price has now risen to something like $2.01 and shows signs of…

When I first heard of crypto in 2014, everything was blank. Nothing made sense to me. I recall my then fiancé walking upto me with all the story about this new found way to move money from one person to another without a central body. It felt insane. The idea that there would exist a virtual currency called bitcoin moving peer-to-peer with less to no inteferance from any government seemed very silly to me.

But what I did not was that my fiancé was actually introducing me to a simple concept that would eventually grow into a $300Billion plus industry…

In October 2020, a data based blockchain token started to gain incremental momentum which attracted alot of people in the crypto space to buy and hodl it. This was around the same time I started accepting to trade for lazy chaps that were too afraid to make losses trading crypto. Find out about my trading strategies via my telegram channel here.

The token ranked at number 74 on coinmarketcap and later topping the gainers list on Binance exchanger for almost two consecutive weeks was Ocean protocol.

But there was more smoke than fire. Despite launching in July 2019, Ocean had…

AE value could rise by 250% by 2021 and here is why.

Among the Altcoins that are defying the odds of the bearish Alt market and gaining substantial leverage is (AE)

AE is a blockchain 3.0 smart contracts platform build for scale & user-friendlines. It features Bitcoin-NG consensus mechanism, Cuckoo Cycle PoW, Layer 1 integrated off-chain state channels, naming system, oracles & functional smart contracts.

But what makes AE special?

According to documents analysed including the white paper, The æternity blockchain is an open source development platform for advanced blockchain applications that can be used by millions of users…

At the time of writing this, the civic coin had risen 52.23% and had over $158Million volume amidst a bearish Alt market. With just a market cap of $83,693,422 USD, its insane to imagine that CIVIC token could take such insane strides.

Historical analysis

Source: Coinmarketcap

The year was 2017 in September when CVC launched. This was also the same time when the entire financial world was rocked with all the buzz and news about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was hitting ATH(All time highs) and so was the Alt space. ICOs were a thing and so did so many scam ICOs. …

Celestina Oscar

I'm a cryptocurrency day trader. I also help other traders avoid losses via my telegram channel

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